Quality & Warranty

Two years warranty:

*2 years warranty:

*Warranty period started from the date of production, 2 years validity.
For example: production date is 01-31-2016, the warranty period is from 01-31-2016 till 01-30-2018.

*During the first 2 years, we will replace or repair the failed products free of charge if there are quality issues of our products. After two years, we can repair the product according to clients’ requirements, the cost of repairing labor / the updated parts / freight will be for clients’ account.

*If some problems happened, please provide us as much detail as possible about the problem you are having. According to the situation, we may ask the customer to return us the “problem product” for study, in order to further understand the cause of the problem.

Limited Warranty: under normal conditions of use, our product warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship. The following are not covered by our warranty: man-made damage,  damage due of nature, damage caused by accident, misuse, incorrect operation, installation error, mishandling, abuse, chemicals, cosmetic, improper operation or maintenance, product modification or neglect, connection to improper voltage supply; damage occurring during shipment; damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in the instruction manual; damage resulting from the performance of repairs by someone not authorized by us.

*All the batteries are exception for this warranty, since it is consumable part and battery lifetime depends on its usage and maintenance. For the details, please check each battery instruction. Usually the rechargeable battery is 6 to 24 months warranty,

*This warranty is covering the products which customer purchase directly from us or our authorized agents only. It is possible for customer purchased our products through other channels, but we are not 100% sure these products can enjoy the same quality assurance. Products of unknown sources or without valid marking will not be accepted.

*This company is committed to provide customers with perfect products and services, so your feedback is very important for us. We suggest you send us this information directly, so we can server you better.

Warranty period and extending:

Warranty period and extending:

*Our Regular Price is based on 2 years warranty term only, if the customer wanted a longer warranty period, is feasible, we can provide the different product configuration scheme and different quality warranty period, according to customer's specific needs, product price will vary according to the specific project cost, may be a price increases than regular one.

-This policy valid until 05/31/2019

If we can be of any help to your organization with any of the above services, or any other needs you may have, please do not hesitate to issue an inquiry to us ( info@jiming.cc). 

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