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    Service & Supports

    Lub prefessional kev pab cuam pab neeg nrog kev ncaj ncees thiab lub siab dawb paug cwj pwm yog npaj txhij los muab koj nrog prefessional thiab pab kev pab cuam.
  • Zoo Warranty

    Zoo Warranty

    Jiming dhau ISO9001 ntawv pov thawj nyob rau hauv 1998 thiab tau khaws cia nws ISO ntawv pov thawj raws li ib tug kev cog lus mus thoob ntiaj teb xyaum.
  • Kev koom tes & Tsim

    Kev koom tes & Tsim

    Cov R & D pab neeg yog kam los ua koj kev them nyiaj yug thiab dawb lub kev sib tham rau cov tej teeb pom kev zoo khoom.
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Hais txog peb

Ningbo Jiming Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1967, is an all-round enterprise engaged in development, production, sale and service. There are over 600 people working in our factory. Factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters (215278.21 square feet), facility and production area are 50,000 square meters (538195.52 square feet) totally. Our main product lines are LED Emergency and Security lighting, Exit Sign, Emergency Battery Pack and Emergency Ballast, Rechargeable LED Outdoor and Camping lights, LED Work lights, LED Desk Lamp, Portable Lamps and Flashlights. Our products are widely used in places such as home, office, shopping center, school, warehouse, parking and station as well as for working underground, camping and outdoor. With a complete network in production, supply and sales, Jiming annual turnover reaches over USD35,000,000.00 and production ability 5,000,000 sets of light. The combined technologies of LED light sources, rechargeable battery expertise and comprehensive plastics molding capabilities makes us the premier supplier to a number of international companies.

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