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  • 서비스 및 지지대

    서비스 및 지지대

    정직하고 진지한 태도를 가진 PREFESSIONAL 서비스 팀은 PREFESSIONAL하고 신속한 서비스를 제공 할 준비가 된 것입니다.
  • 품질 및 보증

    품질 및 보증

    Jiming는 1998 년에 ISO9001 인증을 통과하고 국제 관행에 대한 헌신 등의 ISO 인증을 유지하고있다.
  • 협력 및 개발

    협력 및 개발

    연구 개발 팀은 기술 지원 및 조명 제품을 개발하기위한 무료 상담이 될하고자합니다.
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회사 소개

Ningbo Jiming Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1967, is an all-round enterprise engaged in development, production, sale and service. There are over 600 people working in our factory. Factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters (215278.21 square feet), facility and production area are 50,000 square meters (538195.52 square feet) totally. Our main product lines are LED Emergency and Security lighting, Exit Sign, Emergency Battery Pack and Emergency Ballast, Rechargeable LED Outdoor and Camping lights, LED Work lights, LED Desk Lamp, Portable Lamps and Flashlights. Our products are widely used in places such as home, office, shopping center, school, warehouse, parking and station as well as for working underground, camping and outdoor. With a complete network in production, supply and sales, Jiming annual turnover reaches over USD35,000,000.00 and production ability 5,000,000 sets of light. The combined technologies of LED light sources, rechargeable battery expertise and comprehensive plastics molding capabilities makes us the premier supplier to a number of international companies.

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